AI-powered Anomaly Detection Tool

Uncover unexpected business incidents as they’re happening.

Common ADT use cases

Identifying deviations across industries

Benefits of detecting anomalies

Reactivity is passé, the future is proactive.

Reduction in incident costs

The Anomaly Detection Tool is a powerful operational solution that enables you to rapidly detect, visualize, and analyze your data. This helps minimize potential incidents and reduce costs. The tool offers modern visualizations that support arriving at confident decisions among your business and operational teams.

Faster time to detection

The Anomaly Detection Tool sees beyond traditional data silos. By correlating between metrics across physical layers, applications, databases, storages and monitoring and analytics tools, it enables the fastest time to resolution and improves device availability and the customer experience.

More incidents revealed

AI-powered anomaly detection is more accurate than setting manual thresholds. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to autonomously create a dynamic baseline. These algorithms continuously analyze 100% of your data to understand its normal behavior under different conditions and seasons.

Time to value < 1 month

The Anomaly Detection Tool is a ready-made solution that typically brings you results within 10-30 days. We help you connect your devices, machines and other data sources and set up the system so that you can benefit from the tool and achieve a quick ROI. You typically see the value in less than 1 month since adopting ADT.


Plug and play today

ADT is a web solution with seamless integration into any company ecosystem - with quick deployment, support for operations and insightful problem solving that provides a deeper understanding of your unique business.

Key features of ADT

Powerful, user-friendly and customizable.

Quick integration with your ecosystem

Connect the tool into your ecosystem and leverage the power of your data. ADT is ready to go immediately after the initial use-case analysis and data integration. All this takes just a few weeks and you are ready to rock.

Real-time monitoring alerts & notifications

ADT ingests large amounts of data in real-time. It monitors & reacts to the data based on the sensitivity of anomaly detector and sends notifications to your email or your API subscriber. This all happens automatically after the initial setup.

User friendly & action-oriented experience

The tool offers a simple and clear user interface for a seamless user experience, quick orientation, and shorter time to value. The Anomaly Detection Tool can be used without onerous engineering or data science knowledge.

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